Welcome to Memon Fabrication & Installation

Memon Fabrication & Installation Features includes:

  • List of features
  • Windows
  • Door frame (Chokat)
  • Flats, Angles & Pipes
  • Iron rods
  • Metallic Hardware
  • Fiber Shades
  • Galvanized and HRC sheets

At MFI, we deal in all sort of iron, steel and fiber product.

Our success lies in our dual-focus strategy; top of the line service to our customers and excellence in our operations. Through the combination of our dynamic strategy, the talent of our team and the unbeatable quality of our production processes, we continue to maintain our prevailing position in the industry.

An exceptional mix of quality resource assets and the combination of automated and manual plants allows us versatility in operations, an increased production capacity, and product consistency; all paramount to success in the steel industry.